About Us

Practical Care places the rights of the service users at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We believe that compassion and care for vulnerable people should form the basis of our practice.

It is part of our philosophy to provide each service user with a quality service which is tailored to their individual needs and to encourage emotional and social well being. We believe it is of vital importance that service users gain and maintain as much independence in their lives as possible and to feel in control of their own lives. We believe we can achieve this by developing positive relationships with our service users and by respecting their individuality and diversity.

Our Mission Statement

Practical Care is a domiciliary care agency established to provide care services and support to a variety of people who need it, either in their homes or in a residential setting.

Our goal is to establish a healthy and successful company that can be a leader in the service it provide and can build a loyal customer following in a field where customer satisfaction is the most important factor for growth and continuity.

Our target is to have a wide base of service users both from the public and private sector. The care service sector is a growth industry as people live longer due to the advances in medical treatments and as a result they require more care and support. Practical Care will ensure that through our philosophy of offering a professional, personalised and satisfactory care that is flexible and sensitive to the needs of each client, will slowly, but surely, become a major player in its field.